CALMARK™ Conduction Cooled Assemblies & Clamshells

Product Announcement from Schroff

CALMARK™ Conduction Cooled Assemblies & Clamshells-Image


Schroff® CALMARK™ Conduction Cooled Assemblies and Clamshells provide an efficient thermal path for the heat generated from the processor to the cold wall.


  • Prevent premature wear and failure by transferring heat away from critical electronics
  • Rugged cooling solution for demanding applications
  • Customized frames and clamshells to match PCboard component layout
  • Assemblies consist of a cooled frame and backing plate
  • Clamshells consist of a two-part covering for either 3U or 6U PCBs, ccPMC or XMC mezzanine cards
  • Available in a number of specifications and variants


  • Critical Electronics
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