PMVA Display Technology

Product Announcement from Schuster Electronics, Inc.

PMVA Display Technology-Image

Schuster Electronics offers the Hantronix Passive Matrix Vertical Alignment (PMVA) with Extremely High Contrast, Excellent Viewing Angles, Automotive-Grade Temperature Range, & Sunlight Readability

PMVA displays have 500-1700:1 contrast ratio and 140 degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles. They also offer operating temperature of -30 ~ 80c with uniform background color and contrast throughout the temperature range.

Vertical Aligned LCDs have vertically aligned crystals in it's natural off state. An electric charge to the glass substrate moves the crystals to a flat horizontal position. The horizontal crystals provide less backlight leakage through the tiled liquid crystal allowing for exceptional sunlight readability, high contrast, and ultra wide viewing angles.

Applications: industrial, medical, consumer, audio, marine and automotive

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