MD Range - Metering Pump

Product Announcement from SEEPEX Inc.

SEEPEX MD range pumps are compact units with a high metering accuracy. The stainless steel or synthetic material casings are highly compatible with chemically corrosive media.

Conveying Medias

  • For low to highly viscous media, as well as shear-sensitive and chemically aggressive media


  • Conveying capacity: 0.2 l/h - 1,000 l/h (0.053 USGPH - 264 USGPH)
  • Pressure: up to 24 bar (350 psi)
  • Short, compact design with directly flange-mounted drive (block type)
  • Casing of stainless steel or synthetic material


  • High metering accuracy
  • High corrosion resistance due to the variety of components made of Hastelloy C or titanium
  • Low maintenance costs