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Select Safety Sales - The Haws 7501 Portable Eyewash Station is a compact, economical unit that is perfect for remote locations where plumbing is not an option. This eyewash station is also used in locations where flexibility is needed in order to easily move the unit from place to place even if plumbing is available. Once the eyewash is emptied it weights only 10 lbs for convenient portability.

This eyewash station can be filled with potable water which is treated with a bacteriostatic solution. One bottle of the bacteriostatic solution comes with the unit and allows the flushing fluid in the station to last for up to 6 months before needing to be changed.

Features & Benefits

  • ANSI-Z358.1-2009 Compliant
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Made with high quality plastic
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to clean, fill and inspect because of wide opening
  • Easy to re-locate
  • Top and side handles

Dimensions & Weight

  • 14 ½ x 22 x 10 ?
  • 10 lbs when empty
  • 85 lbs when full

Click on Emergency Eyewash Station Requirements to learn where and when Eyewash Stations are required by OSHA in a workplace and how to use these stations in order to be in compliance for worker safety.


Haws 7501

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