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Select Safety Sales - Cyalume Chemlight Light Sticks are a safe source of light in all environments. These non-toxic chemical light sticks illuminate an area both quickly and efficiently. They are one of the safest ways to add light to a darkened area especially when near gas, oil or combustible substances.

Cyalume Chemlight Light Sticks are guaranteed to be leak proof, water proof, and completely non-toxic. They are reliable and maintenance-free and have consistent light output & performance. Neither batteries, bulbs or lenses are required to maintain them. They operate without heat or sparks and they are completely non-flammable. They have a verified 4 year shelf life. The light stick will activate in mere seconds providing an instant bright light. Cyalume Chemlight Light Sticks last up to 24 times longer than standard road flares and they will work in sub zero temperatures.

Cyalume Chemlight Light Sticks do not require special storage. Their versatility makes them perfect for use by the military, governmental agencies, police departments, fire departments, EMS, utilities, industrial sites, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, hotels, offices and homes. The Cyalume Chemlight Light Sticks are American made.

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