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Detect Methane in HVAC Ducts - ELDS™ laser-based open path technology features sensitive, reliable detection of methane in cross-duct and HVAC applications with one second response time and guaranteed no false-alarms.

Senscient ELDS Series 1000 XD Cross Duct & HVAC open path gas detectors can detect and measure methane in ducts between 0.5 m and 5 m wide. Applications include HVAC ducts, turbine inlets, turbine acoustic enclosures serving operations centers that may be exposed to methane gas. The ELDS (Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy) technique measures the Harmonic Fingerprint introduced onto the transmitter's laser beam by absorption of the target gas in the unit's path.

ELDS is a revolutionary gas detection technology, specifically developed for safety related applications in industry. ELDS OPGD systems for HVAC duct installations provide the following unique features and benefits:

* Reliable, sensitive detection of both methane gas concentrations as low as 0-10% LEL FSD.
* Less than one second response time for methane, greatly increasing the probability of detecting a flammable gas leak before it reaches catastrophic proportions. Current NDIR methodology fails to provide warnings early enough, or with enough reliably to facilitate significant remedial action.
* Provides simple, pre-filled real gas test cell for confirming functionality in situ without opening the duct walls or inserting flow through gassing cells into the beam path.
* Includes SimuGas™ for enabling automatic, or on command, self testing of duct mounted open path gas detectors either locally via Bluetooth wireless PDA or Exd Notebook or from a control room.

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