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Sentry Air Systems’ line of Portable Clean Room Hoods (Laminar Flow Hoods) are HEPA or ULPA-filtered positive-pressure environments designed for applications that require a clean work space. Sentry Air offers ISO Class 5 Hoods in a variety of standard sizes.

Particulates are removed from the air using a powerful fan and a variety of HEPA [up to 99.97% effective on particles 0.3 mircons and larger] or ULPA filters, creating a sterile air supply within the hood.

These benchtop systems are used for a wide selection of applications, including Data Recovery, Tissue Culture and Botany, Medical Applications like Stem Cell Therapy Processes, Projection Lens Assembly, Cleaning Applications, and much more.

Portable Clean Room Hoods are available in 12", 18", 24", 30", 40" and custom sizes.

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