Fiber optic attenuators-ST attenuator

Product Announcement from Shenzhen G-Tech Communication Co., Ltd.

Fiber optic attenuators-ST attenuator-Image

ShenZhen G-Tech Communication Co.,LTD Specializes in developing and manufacruring optical fiber (patch cord),optic communication equipment,optic cable ,electric cable ,adaptor,attenuator,conector etc.

PC/SPC/UPC Polishing
- Fiber Type: Single-mode
- Attenuation Tolerance:

- Connector style available in ST, SC and FC.
- High performance unit.
- Stable attenuation values.
- Customized to your volume requirements.
- Environmental stable.

- Fiber in The Loop. (FITL)
- Passive Optical Networks.
- Fiber to Home. (FTTH)
- Test equipments.
- CATV & Video Distribution.

Attenuation (dB)Tolerance (dB) 01~10±0.5 11~15±0.75 16~20±1.0 21~25±1.5 - Return loss:
>=45dB (for PC Polishing)
>=50dB (for SPC Polishing)
>=55dB (for UPC Polishing)

APC Polishing
- Fiber Type: S.M. silica glass (co-ion doped)
- Attenuation:

Attenuation (dB)Tolerance (dB) 01~10±1.0 11~25±1.5 - Return loss: >=65dB