Product Announcement from Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings

Euronavy ES301 Epoxy-Image

Sherwin-Williams offers Euronavy ES301, an innovative solvent-free anticorrosive epoxy designed for application over marginally prepared surfaces. Sherwin-Williams acquired Euronavy in December 2008.

"Euronavy ES301 is an extremely durable surface-tolerant coating that allows customers to protect their steel assets against corrosion in an extremely cost-effective way," said Brad Rossetto, Vice President, Marketing, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings. "This is a proven technology that has been used worldwide on applications that include ships, offshore platforms, steel bridges, refineries, tank farms and a wide variety of other steel applications."

The product can be applied with no dew point restrictions over damp steel surfaces and over flash-rust, reducing application time and costs. Coating can occur immediately after hydroblasting or other water preparation methods without drying. Surface preparation costs are minimized via hydroblasting, with no abrasive removal costs and no need for dehumidification equipment. Other acceptable preparation methods include abrasive blasting, wet-abrasive blasting or power tool cleaning.

Euronavy ES301 offers excellent edge retention and lessens the need for stripe coating and steel edge grinding. Pull-off adhesion up to 3,400 psi means long term performance. Euronavy ES301 performs well over existing coatings and requires no surface profile.

Solvent free Euronavy ES301 is environmentally compliant, with low VOCs (<150 g/l), and is HAPS free. It can be applied in temperatures from 40º F to 120º F, via standard airless application, brush or roller. It can be used for either atmospheric or immersion applications.

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