Product Announcement from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

ICPE-9000 Plasma Emission Spectrometer-Image

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. (SSI), announces the launch of its new IPCE-9000 Multitype ICP Emission Spectrometer. Ideal for analyzing substances from metals to pharmaceuticals, this high-performance high-throughput spectrometer delivers reduced running-costs, highly stable performance, high sensitivity and low contamination.

The ICPE-9000 possesses advanced technology such as the large-scale one-inch CCD detector with increased pixel size and an Echelle spectrometer that allows high-speed measurements with increased resolution. It also runs at a high cooling temperature, which shortens the initial stabilization period and provides long-term stability. In addition, the ICPE-9000 is equipped with the mini-torch technology that reduces argon gas consumption by half that of conventional torches.

The IPCE-9000 utilizes a vacuum spectrometer that is equipped with semiconductor detectors, the first of its kind in ICP emission spectrometers. Because the spectrometer is maintained under a vacuum, contamination and decline in sensitivity does not occur over long-term use, and high-purity gas for internal gas purging is not required, reducing running costs.

The new instrument is equipped with Shimadzu's ICPEsolution Software, a suite that enhances the process of identifying substances with the IPCE-9000.

Key features of Shimadzu's ICPEsolution Software include:

• Qualitative Database Calibration allows automatic wavelength selection and fast calibration, eliminating time-consuming comparative examination.

• Method Development Assistant automatically creates measurement wavelength and calibration curve information as well as correction information if interference is unavoidable.

• Automatic Wavelength Selection System ensures accurate results with negligible spatial interference. Multiple wavelengths can be selected and tested with no respective interference from multiple samples.

• Interference Database stores all interfering elements and the corresponding wavelengths, resulting in an accurate and automatically selected optimal wavelength, while eliminating interferences and the need to re-measure.

• Method Diagnosis Assistant pinpoints the cause of error for each measured sample and automatically displays solutions for method modification and error correction.

"Analysts want instruments that are precise, reliable, and easy to use," notes Robert H. Clifford, Ph.D., Shimadzu Scientific Instruments' ICP Product Manager. "With the technological advances of the ICPE-9000, and the multi-functional attributes of the software's Assistant functions, simple and accurate measurement is possible - even with hard-to-measure high-matrix samples."

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