Product Announcement from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

RF-20A/RF-20Axs HPLC Fluorescence Detectors-Image

A water Raman S/N ratio of at least 1,200 for the RF-20A and 2,000 for the RF-20Axs makes these detectors powerful tools for tests demanding analysis of trace-level components while retaining the acquisition speeds necessary for ultra-fast analysis. Because fast response is necessary to follow the sharp peaks in ultra-fast analysis, the RF-20A and RF-20Axs provide 10 ms response. The quick response time permits ultra-fast LC without loss of separation.

Additionally, simultaneous testing of multiple components requires detection at optimal wavelengths. These detectors allow ultra-fast, highly sensitive multi-component analysis using wavelength switching via a time program.

The RF-20Axs also features a temperature-controlled cell with a cooling function. This maintains a constant detector cell temperature, even if the testing environment's room temperature fluctuates, ensuring reproducibility without any drop in sensitivity.

For easy maintenance, each detector's xenon lamp and flow cell can be replaced at the front panel. The standard flow cell or semimicro flow cell can be replaced quickly without any tools. Additionally, the xenon lamp life has been extended to 2,000 hours, four times longer than previous Shimadzu lamps. This reduces running costs and downtime due to maintenance.

Specialized application systems for amino acid, reducing sugar and carbamate pesticide analysis are also available with either the RF-20A or RF-20Axs detector.

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