Product Announcement from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

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The AGS-X crosshead achieves 1,500 mm/minute return speed, significantly reducing the time required to conduct repetitive testing. An optional jog controller allows handheld control of the crosshead position, making fine positioning simple. The high level of precision (±0.5% of the indicated value), wide application range of the self-recognized load cell (1/1 to 1/500 load cell rating), and newly designed electronics provide a high class tool at an affordable price.

Operators will find using the AGS-X easy because the heights of the multipurpose tray and table for jig mounting have been significantly lowered. This ergonomic design provides superior comfort to operators during daily operation. In addition, the open design of the multipurpose tray surface can accommodate a large number of test specimens and jigs.

The AGS-X provides users with comprehensive safety measures, including one-touch stroke limiters and a safety guard. Stroke limiters offer one-touch adjustment and firm locking of the crosshead stroke limit positions. The vertically sliding safety guard opens easily with one hand and comes equipped with an interlock function.

The AGS-X utilizes the new and easy-to-use TRAPEZIUM LITE X software. A refined interface provides easy one-touch method selection. Shimadzu has automated many tedious operations using macros so that a sequence of operations frequently conducted after testing is now fully automated. The "Quick List Method" makes frequently used tests easy to find, and many built-in functions test in accordance with JIS, ISO and ASTM methods.

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