Electrochemical 2-Wire Toxic Gas Sensor 4501-XX

Product Announcement from Sierra Monitor Corporation

Electrochemical 2-Wire Toxic Gas Sensor 4501-XX-Image

Sierra Monitor’s 4501-XX module monitors toxic gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2) Deficiency, Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), and others.

The 4501-XX module is based on electrochemical technology, a proven, less-expensive option that offers high accuracy, low power requirements, and sensitivity to a particular gas in the parts-per-million range.

Utilizing 2-wire loop-powered technology, the 4501-XX module requires less wiring when being installed, leading to better protection against wiring errors. This also allows for a direct interface to common PLC and DCS. With its compact size, the 4501-XX requires minimal maintenance with a 180 day calibration cycle and continuous self-diagnostics.

The Electrochemical 2-Wire Toxic Gas Sensor Module 4501-XX is approved and certified by a variety of third party agencies, including FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx. These approvals and certifications assure our customers that we carry only the highest quality of products and performance.

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