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Smart Infrared (IR) Combustible Gas Sensor Module (IT Series)

Proven Performance ----- Proven Technology ------ Proven Support

IR Combustibles Gas Detector Module, 5100-28-IT, from Sierra Monitor is Best of Class when it comes to providing the features demanded by instrumentation and safety professionals.

  • FM approval for performance and hazardous area operation - for safe and reliable operation
  • Extended calibration frequency for low maintenance - for low cost of ownership
  • SIL-2 Certified - for long term reliability
  • Stainless Steel 316 or epoxy coated aluminum enclosures for ratings to meet application needs
  • Integral scrolling LED display - for ease of operation
  • Menu-driven system - for user-friendly configuration of alarm setpoints, calibration, maintenance and alarms acknowledge
  • Integral alarm relays for High, Low and Trouble - no need for external auxillary boxes
  • HART Interface - for interface to HART controls and networks
  • 4-20 mA output - enabling easy interface to common factory communications links
  • Modbus RTU serial interface - easy interface to the worlds most common industiral protocol from the company that provided the first hazardous gas detection system with Modbus interface
  • Configurable for non-Methane gases - easily adaptable to customer specific applications
  • Remote sensor configuration option - to meet specific application requirements
  • Optional integral control relay pack - when higher amperage control relays are needed, but still integral to the enclosure without an external auxillary box

The FM Approved 5100-28-IT IR Gas Sensor Module utilizes Non-Dispersive Infrared technology to monitor for combustible gases (Methane and others). Output range is either 0-100% of LEL (default) or percent (%) by volume. This Module requires minimal maintenance with a calibration check once a year. Internal continuous self-diagnostics will automatically indicate any fault or optics problems.

Infrared technology has the benefits of:

  • Reduced need for calibration and thus lower operating costs.
  • Operates in high combustible gas and/or low oxygen environment
  • Can operate in environments where catalytic bead poisons might exist
  • Rapid recovery after exposure to high concentrations of hydrocarbon gas (exceeding 100% LEL)
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