Product Announcement from Sierra Monitor Corporation

ProtoCessor, embedded protocol converter-Image

ProtoCessor OEM Protocol Interface Solutions includes both embedded and external protocol device servers for equipment manufacturers to enable their new and legacy products to easily interface to third party and open networks. This comprehensive protocol translation package includes both the hardware, and the very important software solution. Utilizing the comprehensive protocol driver library from FieldServer Technologies, combined with the robust, compact ProtoCessor empowered device server, the manufacturer can easily utilize any legacy or proprietary protocol and still provide the specific communication protocol necessary to meet their users interoperability needs.

The group provides:

  • ProtoCessor - board mounted protocol device server solution.
  • ProtoCarrier - protocol conversion solution without any board redesign, daughter cars that enable a fast protocol translation solution
  • ProtoNode - an external multi-protocol device server
  • ProtoConnect - a semi-custom protocol solution, a complete turn-key project involving design and source of a hardware/software solution.
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