Signal's Dual Winding SMD power inductor line

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Signal Transformer's Dual Winding miniature SMD wire wound power inductors are offered in shrouded toroidal constructions as well as non toroidal magnetically shielded compact configurations. Signal’s Unshielded miniature SMD power inductors are open frame, wire wound,  flat top designs ideal for high density circuit boards. The series features economical low seated profile packages compatible with a variety of IC’s from National Semiconductor, Enpirion, Marvel, Analog Devices to Fairchild, Linear Technologies, Power  Integration, Texas Instruments,  providing reliable protection against challenging EMI problems.


• Inductance Range: 5.6uH to 160uH.
• Current Range: 1.0A to 7.0A.
• DC Resistance Range: 0.024 Ohms to 0.650 Ohms.
• Height Range: 4.5mm to 8.0mm.

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