IQC NDT - Resonance Frequency Inspection

Product Announcement from Signalysis, Inc.

IQC NDT - Resonance Frequency Inspection-Image

The IQC Non-Destructive Test system is designed for 100% Resonance Frequency Inspection of ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Application such as crack detection, weld strength, porosity defects are just a few of the many uses of IQC NDT. Brake Rotors/ Drums are required to pass a series of tests to validate that the modal parameters of a rotor/drum are within product specifications.

The IQC measurement system generates the modal excitation, measures force and the response of the rotor to calculate Frequency Response Functions(FRFs). This turn-key offering from Signalysis is designed to function either manually or unmanned and is a reliable and repeatable operation. The FRF is analyzed to identify resonance frequencies and damping characteristics of the part under test. The analysis results are then compared against customer design specification and manufacturing quality requirements to provide a GO/NOGO signal to the production line. IQC test results can be passed on to online statistical process control systems.

To learn more about other NDT applications and the benefits of the IQC Test System click on the web link on the right or e mail us with your questions

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