Noise Vibration and Harshness Test System

Product Announcement from Signalysis, Inc.

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Designed to perform 100% inspection for NVH related defects, Signalysis IQC system replaces existing subjective tests with an arsenal of vibration, sound, travel velocity and motor current algorithms and metrics. It combines traditional NVH laboratory modal analysis, sound quality, gear testing and motor dynamics test methods and implements it on the manufacturing floor.

From steering columns to power seats and HVAC to brakes, the software, hardware, and technology Signalysis provides can detect faults efficiently

For example with a power car seat, IQC material handling controls the part in place and provides the required vibration isolation from the manufacturing facility. The IQC Motor Control function automation is used to power the part and controls the motions to maximize cycle time and optimize test data integrity. The IQC measurement system acquires dynamic response data from a defined set of transducers, sampling rates, digital filters and sample sizes. The IQC analysis engine uses high-level post-processing in both the time and frequency domains to detect faults in the drive motors, gear systems and other mechanical/moving parts during seat travel. Faults are detected based on customer and Signalysis developed metrics with statistically generated tolerance limits.


  • Vibration
  • Sound Pressure
  • Dynamic Motor Current
  • Static Motor Current
  • Travel Velocity
  • SPS Sensor Response



  • Fourier Transforms
  • Hilbert Transforms
  • A-Weighted SPL
  • Digital Filtering
  • Statistical Analysis
  • AM Roughness and Fluctuation
  • 3D Dynamic Response
  • Duty Cycle
  • Travel Distance
  • Speed Fluctuation


To learn more about the range of applications and the benefits of the IQC Test System click on the web link on the right or e mail us with your questions

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