External Gear Pump Design: Simerics

Product Announcement from Simerics, Inc.

External Gear Pump Design: Simerics -Image

PUMLINX provides a 3-D flow/cavitation simulation for pumps, including External Gear Pumps/motors.

PumpLinx: Solve Flows, Pressures, Cavitation, and Loads:


  • Able to handle intermeshing gears
  • Models cavitation
  • Accurate tip leakage
  • Superior treatment of rotating-stationary interfaces
  • Ease-of-use
  • Fast turn-around

Design Issues/Benefits:

  • Gear Design
  • Port design
  • Leakage reduction
  • Reduce Cavitation effects on efficiency and pump life
  • Reduce Pressure ripple and noise

External Gear Pump Design An external gear pump is a Positive Displacement Pump with 2 side-by-side interlocking gears sets. When the gears rotate, the diverging teeth create an expanding volume which draws in fluid. The fluid is then transported around the periphery and expelled as the teeth merge.


Positive displacement, High speed.


Transmissions, hydraulics, fluid transfer.

To view a demonstration of PumpLinx' capability to model external gear geometries, please scroll to the bottom of this page: click here.