Product Announcement from Simplex Isolation Systems

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Designing and Building Innovative Cleanroom and Isolation Products

Simplex has come to be regarded as a product line of innovation and performance. Our unique strip doors and mounting systems like Bonded Bead , Flex-Track and accessories like GatorJaw are designed for quick installation.

Our Bonded Bead mounting system is a favorite of the industrial and food service sectors where extended product life makes a genuine difference. The ability to use our components and enclosures to achieve Class 8 (Class 100,000) to Class 4 (Class 10) levels of cleanrooms makes Simplex the isolation component of choice for the high-tech industry.

Download the "What to Know When Considering a Cleanroom" whitepaper.

And at whatever level you use Simplex products, you are always backed by industry expertise, product knowledge and the best warranties in the market.

Ease of Installation - Simplex enclosures go together quickly, and since all our
enclosures are custom built for your application, they work the first time.

Find out what NASA, JPL, Raytheon, Mercedes-Benz and Sony already know --- Simplex offers the best solutions for controlled environments.

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