Product Announcement from Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies

N400 and N459 compounds for Aerospace Industry-Image

Simrit, the industrial sealing products division of Freudenberg-NOK, has recently expanded its material product line with the debut of the N400 material for the aerospace industry. The new material meets the rigorous requirements demanded by the AMS-P-5315A (formally MIL-P-5315A) aerospace standard set forth by the Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Committees.

Approved for use in O-rings and molded shapes in aircraft fuels systems, the N400 material provides low temperature flexibility to -54 degrees Celsius (-65 degrees Fahrenheit) for prevention of leakage in sub-zero temperatures at altitudes, offers excellent resistance to aviation gasoline and jet fuels, doesn't corrode mating metal fittings and doesn't bloom or discolor (which is a typical result of other products for this specification).


Simrit – the industrial sealing products division of Freudenberg-NOK – recently introduced its N459 material for O-ring use in straight thread tube boss fittings for red hydraulic oil aerospace applications. The new material was developed to meet the stringent standards of aerospace materials specification AMS-P-5510 (formally MIL-P-5510) set forth by the Society of Automotive Engineers Aerospace Committees.

"Simrit's new N459 material demonstrates Simrit's expertise and commitment to helping grow the aerospace industry by creating innovative materials designed from cutting-edge technology," said Vinay Nilkanth, vice president of aerospace, Simrit.

N459 was created with low temperature flexibility to prevent leakage in sub-zero temperatures and at altitude. Additionally, the elastomer material offers better resistance to high pressure and excellent resistance to red hydraulic fluids used in actuation systems. And unlike other products made to this specification, N459 doesn't corrode the mating metal fittings and components, and doesn't bloom or discolor.

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