Global Certification For Your Electrical Products

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The Future Route to Global Compliance

The IECEx Scheme is the future route to global compliance certification. Its aim is to harmonise standards to allow free movement of goods by establishing a world-wide accepted standard. This will result in a single set of standards, a single certificate and a single mark.

The benefits of the scheme are obvious - shorter certification lead-times, and the opening up of new markets with no (or very little) need for additional testing and assessment to satisfy national standards.

Sira has already issued over 300 IECEx certificates, test reports and QARs (Quality Assessment reports), and was one of the first certification bodies to be accepted into the scheme.

Why IECEx is Important to you

The fact that many countries operate under different standards means that Ex equipment often needs to be re-tested and re-certified to the appropriate standards of that country, adding to the cost of the equipment.

The IECEx scheme significantly reduces the need for re-testing and certification by conforming to international IEC standards, and therefore makes international trade easier, quicker and more cost effective.

The IECEx Process

Sira is an Accepted Certification Body (ACB) and Test Laboratory (ExTL) and as such can assess your product to the relevant standards, resulting in the compilation of an IECEx Ex Test Report (ExTR).

This report can then be presented to an ACB in another participating country to facilitate the process of national certification. The ACB in question will then issue the relevant certification to enable you to enter that market.