Product Announcement from Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Model R OXIGEST® WWTP for High Flows/Loads-Image

The Smith & Loveless Model R OXIGEST® wastewater treatment system handles large flows and loadings while maximizing space-efficiency in terms of total footprint area required. Its concentric tank design combines treatment zones (including aerobic and anoxic), clarifier, sludge storage and other required process zones in one circular tank, sized to treat high-strength process wastewater and groundwater flows up to 5 MGD (18,925 m3/d). This space-efficient design also reduces the need for mechanical equipment that can increase capital and operational costs.

Compared to a conventional multi-tank, in-ground, concrete designed system, the OXIGEST® reduces concrete use, total plot area (land use), construction time and external piping and pumping. Complexity is minimized with integral construction of the treatment processes. Including all of the treatment zones in one tank decreases energy and maintenance demands. Finally, a single tank system enables an operator to more easily manage and oversee the system, thus simplifying operation.

Ideal for developments, small cities, and industrial applications. Custom design with capacities up to 5 MGD per system.

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