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Ultra Feather Touch Pneumatic Digital Gauge Probe-Image

Ultra light probes are similar to Feather Touch Probes except they have a significantly lower moving mass and are capable of tip forces as low as 0.03N

Ultra Feather Touch Pneumatic Digital Gauging Probe (DW/P) - Specification

Ultra Feather Touch

Axial Cable Outlet DW/10/P

Radial Cable Outlet DWR/10/P

Body Diameter 8h6

Measurement Range (mm) 10

Pre-Travel (mm) 0.15

Over Travel (mm) 0.85

Accuracy (% of reading)1 0.06

Repeatability (µm) 0.15

Tip Force (N) @ centre travel ±20% 0.03 - 0.5 @ 0.4 bar

Resolution (µm) - User Selectable <0.05

Data Speed - User Selectable Up to 3906 readings per second

Environmental Protection n/a

1Accuracy 0.1 µm or % reading, whichever greater.
Accuracy assumes tip holder <20mm and mounted on center, spring operation with 1.5 N tip force.

Temperature Ranges (°C)

Storage: Probe + Signal Conditioning -20 to +70

Operating: PIE / T-Con 0 to +60

Probe Operating -10 to +80


Case Stainless Steel

Probe Tip Nylon or Tungsten Carbide

Cable 2m PUR

Digital Probe Interface Electronics

Bandwidth Up to 460 Hz

Output Serial RS485 signal level,
Orbit Network Protocol

Power (VDC) 5 ± 0.25 @ 0.06A (includes power for probe)

IP Rating IP43 (IP65 available on request)

Weight (g) Probe Interface 52

T-Con 36

T-Con with DIN 46

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