Shaker Control and Signal Analysis System

Product Announcement from Spectral Dynamics, Inc.

Shaker Control and Signal Analysis System -Image

Spectral Dynamics, Inc.  - Jaguar is a powerful workstation-based system for large scale shaker control, signal analysis, and MIMO Shaker Control.

Shaker Control
Jaguar provides a full suite of closed loop shaker control applications with up to 98 control channels and over 500 response channels. Patented adaptive control techniques provide the highest levels of accuracy and safety.

Signal Analysis
Jaguar's multiple Acquisition Control Peripheral (ACP) architecture allows expansion to hundreds of channels without sacrificing signal processing performance. Dedicated throughput disks for each ACP provide time streaming to disk at up to the maximum sample rate. Comprehensive signal analysis capabilities include FFT analysis, transient analysis (SRS), swept sine analysis (with true digital tracking filters) and modal analysis using MTS I-DEAS™.

Multi-Output (MIMO) Shaker Control
With hardware optimized for multiple degrees of freedom control testing, Jaguar provides MIMO control capabilities not found in any other system.
• True Gaussian random control using spectral dynamics patented adaptive control
• True swept sine control with digital tracking filters.
• Transient control for shock synthesis and seismic testing.
• Waveform replication control with real-time frame by frame H(f) updating

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