KRONOS-V ... engine knock analysis

Product Announcement from Spectral Dynamics, Inc.

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Spectral Dynamics Inc. - KRONOS-V is a dedicated turn-key system for true spectral KRONOS-V content-based, objective real-time engine knock analysis.

Gary Patterson, Staff Combustion Engineer for General Motors, well known and respected for his contributions to new engine design and combustion analysis, stated "After seeing the advanced knock detection and analysis system in operation I had to have one!"

Patterson went on to say, "The real-time spectral display of knocking engine cycles is visually stunning! Its instant response and analysis gives me the real-time feedback I need. KRONOS-V is the first product which allows me to selectively remove non-combustion spectral content. It provides both visual results and control outputs in real-time."

The KRONOS-V Knock Analysis tool is an add-on for most combustion analysis and charge amp-based systems. It offers a range of channel counts and capabilities including: engine knock and pre-ignition, closed-loop lights-out engine mapping, diesel noise, and transfer function analysis for Star ModalTM.

KRONOS-V is an automated knock detection/calibrator feedback system for multi-cylinder measurement and recording. KRONOS-V allows real-time spectral analysis of multiple knock events contained in cylinder pressure data or block mounted acoustic transducer data, with automated quantification of the signal contents for generation of triggers to external devices or programs. The data system uses broadband amplifiers and synchronously clocked high-resolution digitizers with auto tracking Nyquist anti-alias filters to provide spectral purity and prevent digital smearing of critical frequency domain data.

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