Technekon STD-500 Pro Vibration Analyzer / Meter

Product Announcement from Spectrum Instruments Ltd.

Technekon STD-500 Pro Vibration Analyzer / Meter-Image

The STD-500 Pro collects vibration measurements at on-route or off-route control points, allows spectra analysis on site, and downloads data to the customer's PC for advanced narrow band analysis and trending. With this pocket vibration measurement instruments, you can control machinery vibration condition, detect failures, prevent unscheduled downtime of industrial facilities, and optimize maintenance actions.

  • Features / Benefits
  • Pocket Size / always with you
  • Bearing condition trending algorithm
  • Built in FFT Analysis / analyze vibration spectra on site
  • 3200 Lines of Resolution / extra data provides window into machine dynamics
  • Stores 500 Waveforms / excess memory supports long routes
  • Non-volatile Memory / valuable data is securely stored
  • Two(2) Button Instrument / easy to use for any operator
  • Integral USB Link / download data to PC for advance analysis
  • Integral Internal Sensor / ready for action when circumstances demand
  • 1ExibIIBT3X Approval Standard / intrinsically safe, can be used ANYWHERE

This is an ideal instrument for everyday inspection of machine health:

  • fast vibration measurement
  • clear user interface for data collection and analysis
  • directly compatible with all Technekon expert applications