SPIROL Improves Manual Pin Installation Machine

Product Announcement from SPIROL

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SPIROL International, a global leader in the manufacture of pins, threaded inserts, roll-formed and machined tubular products-and the installation technology to install them-introduces its next generation Manual Pin Installation Machine, the Model PM. This machine is a major advancement and is ideally suited to installations requiring relatively low insertion forces. The enhancements also enable the machine to be easily converted to run different end-products, and it supports manufacturing cells which require multiple machines for flexibility.

The machine enhancements include:
• Larger base platform; from 8" x 8" to 10" x 12"
• Additional throat clearance (distance from center of main shaft to center of installation tip) from 5.5" to 7.5"
• Longer stroke (tip motion achieved by pulling lever) from 2" to 3.5"
• Improved ability to set an accurate stroke stop position due to a micrometer-style positive stop
• Smooth operation due to the inclusion of a high performance ceramic coated shaft and "Freelon" (TM) Bearings
• Pre-drilled and tapped holes for easy fixture tooling location
• Improved positional accuracy of the tip, now +/-.005" from +/-.035"
• Rapid change-over to different pin size and fixture
• 30% weight reduction

Whereas the former SPIROL Model PM machine was mainly used in a lab or prototype environment, the new Model PM machine has been designed for use in a production environment. Fixturing (or holding of the components) during the installation process is the key to enabling this machine to be used in production. To achieve higher levels of production output, multiple Model PM machines can be run in series purely dependent on the customer's production strategy.

The above enhancements of the new Model PM Manual Pin Inserter make this machine a high-performance element of any production work cell. Through innovative engineering, SPIROL has been able to achieve these improvements without increasing the base price of the machine.

For more information, here is a link to the technical data sheet for the Model PM Manual Pin Inserter: http://www.spirol.com/library/automation/auto-Model_PM_us.pdf

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