Model # CB 1000-1, Single Phase Simplex Controller

Product Announcement from Stancor Pumps, Inc.

Model # CB 1000-1, Single Phase Simplex Controller-Image

Stancor Simplex controls can be used with any Stancor float switches, and are also compatible with various diaphragm or vertical rod switches


Standard Features

  • NEMA 4X Corrosion Resistant, Outdoor rated Enclosure with SS locking hasp
  • Pump Breaker, 1 pole for 115 V; 2 pole for 230 V
  • Pump Contactor, 1 HP at 115 V; 2 HP at 230 V
  • Separate Control Circuit
  • Green Pump Run Light (Door Mounted)
  • Manual-Off-Auto Selector Switch (Door Mounted)
  • Individual Terminals For Field Wiring
  • Circuit Wiring Diaphragm

Optional Features

A. High Water Alarm. A red LED light, buzzer, and Test-Silence switch are furnished. (Door Mounted)
B. Mechanical Float Switches with 20', 40' or 60' cords. (Specify)
C. Dry contacts for remote alarm signal.

CB Series Control Features

Planning With today's ever increasing demand on sophisticated control logic, Stancor, Inc. has been able to supply the pump industries requirements of providing top quality controls with a wide range of features. From your supplied specifications we are able to create and provide detailed prints for your approval prior to commencing on the actual building of the control. This "pre-approval" process allows for any changes to be made before actual components are procured, and mounted, helping to eliminate costly field modifications after an installation.


All Stancor custom controls are built from the backplane up. After selection of the enclosure, including, but not limited to NEMA 4X in polycarbonate to stainless steel with clear covers, dead front doors, rain or sun shields or any of a number of others, we begin the layout. Wire raceways are located and placement of the components begins based on customer requirements and or maximizing internal space, all the while leaving adequate room for field connections.


At several points during the building of the control, circuits are checked for proper connections and function. This helps to isolate any possible incidents before the entire control is tested and inspected prior to final shipment. In some instances Stancor has been requested to have the control run through repetitive start stop and alarm sequences ensuring a trouble free commissioning.


Every control is wrapped and packed securely prior to shipping. Control prints are provided inside the enclosure along with any manuals or booklets pertaining to specialized components. Shipment can be made via LTL, expedited services or UPS.


While Stancor is capable and qualified to build customized controls for pumps supplied by others, our real qualities are realized when we couple our own pumps to our custom built controls. Our line of dewatering submersibles, with protective coatings, (Teflon®-hardcoat or electroless nickel) are suitable for contaminated water. The LX cast iron wastewater line for sewage and wastewater or the stainless steel Avenger line for chemical and potentially corrosive environments in ambient and high temperature applications. Many models available with guiderail systems.


The only thing that can be said as standard with all Stancor custom controls is the quality and workmanship put into everyone we build. Virtually any configuration required can be incorporated. Simplex, duplex and many multiples can be controlled. Level sensing with digital readouts and multiple signals to remote locations via hardwire, SCADA , dialers or otherwise are available. Utilizing a UL® approved shop, building to UL 508 standards are also an available service.