Oil and Water Separation Ability in a Pump System

Product Announcement from Stancor Pumps, Inc.

Oil and Water Separation Ability in a Pump System-Image


The Stancor Oil-Minder® Control and Pump System allows water to be automatically pumped from elevator pits, transformer vaults, and industrial sumps without danger of ejecting potentially harmful oily substances into sewers, rivers and waterways. There is no need for a separate oil-water separator. The product is engineered for efficient and trouble free pumping, even under the most severe conditions. The Stancor Oil-Minder® System is the overwhelming choice among design engineers and compliance authorities worldwide, and has a proven record for protecting valuable equipment and the environment.


  • NEMA 4x weathertight corrosion resistant polycarbonate enclosures
  • Stainless steel sensor probe with patented electronic technology that repels dirt contamination
  • Single direct plug-in power source for operation of entire system
  • Solid state components
  • Alarms, lights, silence switch, and remote monitoring circuit for oil, high liquid, and high amperage conditions
  • Solid state "push to test" switch conveniently performs all pump and control diagnostic tests
  • Complete factory assembly and testing insures quality of entire pump and control system
  • Patented - Pat. #4,715,785, #4,752,188, #6,203,281 and others pending
  • Oil-Minder® System can be combined with a variety of different pumps and valves
  • Choice of: 115v or 220v (1 phase) OR 230v/460v/575v (3 phase)
  • LED indicator lights for oil spill, power, high liquid level, overload, and pump run
  • UL 508 and 778 approved
  • ENTELA tested and approved as a system

Description of Stancor Simplex Oil-Minder® Systems

The Stancor Simplex Oil-Minder® System is available in two primary configurations, as follows:

The Multi-Option Oil-Minder® System is designed for easy, fool-proof installation. All pump and control cables are factory wired into a wall mountable junction box. Between the junction box and the main Oil-Minder® control panel is a multi-pin quick connect cable. This single cord, 8-pin system allows the electrical cable between the junction box and control panel to be run through conduit and interconnected up to 250 feet long, using a single "push and turn" motion. There is no need for field wiring. Electrical installation costs are reduced by approximately 75% and all connections are secure and water-tight.

The Junior Oil-Minder® System is a good choice where the main control is located in the same area as the pump pit, or where the main control will be located remotely and conventional "hard wiring" is used between a junction box and the main control. Comparative features of each model are as follows:

The Stancor Duplex Oil-Minder® System provides for all the safety and operational features of the Simplex System, while allowing two pumps to operate together in the same sump.

The Duplex Oil-Minder® Control alternates each pump upon start-up, assuring equal run time and wear. In the event of heavy inflow, both pumps will operate together until the water level recedes and both pumps are deactivated. The high level/lag pump float will activate an alarm if the water condition continues after a pre-set time point is reached (set for 6 seconds, adjustable between 6 seconds and 10 minutes). An alarm and separate diagnostic LED lights are provided for oil alert, high water, and high amperage (pump overload) conditions. Remote monitoring relays are also provided for alert conditions. A silence and reset switch clears the alarm mode once a fault is addressed. In addition, there are LED lights to "power" the system and to indicate "pump 1" and "pump 2" activation. As with all Stancor Oil-Minder ® Systems, oil is contained in the sump while water is pumped on a fully automatic basis, assuring protection of the environment, personnel, and valuable equipment-even during an alarm condition.

The standard Stancor Duplex Oil-Minder® System includes two SE-50 pumps (115v or 230v). However, Stancor can provide systems with any of its wide range of pumps up to 75 HP, with electrical provisions that meet the customer's requirements.

Stancor Duplex Oil-Minder® System includes two SE-50 pumps (115v or 230v). However, Stancor can provide systems with any of its wide range of pumps up to 75 HP, with electrical provisions that meet the customer's requirements.

Additional Pump Selections

ASME A 17.1 Section (2007) requires that, for each building elevator, the elevator sump pump shall be capable of pumping at least 3,000 gallons per hour. Therefore, after considering vertical lift and pipe friction losses, a larger pump selection may be necessary for certain projects.

No matter what the pump capacity requirement may be, Stancor has an Oil-Minder® System that will do the job.