SKR Slurry Pumps

Product Announcement from Stancor Pumps, Inc.

SKR Slurry Pumps-Image

Stancor SKR Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps are designed for pumping sludge, slurry and heavily contaminated liquids. Special hardened alloy wet-end materials, high efficiency 1800 RPM motors and double mechanical seals assure maximum performance and pump life.

Typical applications include:

  • Coal and slurry transfer
  • Mill scale and ash transfer
  • Sand and gravel dewatering
  • Barge clean-out and dewatering
  • Tank sludge clean-out
  • Pond reclamation

All SKR pumps are constructed with heavy duty, abrasive resistant, high- chromium alloy steel wet end components (HRC 58-60 hardness):

  • AGITATOR - A hardened auger mixes solids with liquid to create a suspended slurry for effective pumping.
  • WEAR PLATE - The hardened wear plate repels much of the abrasion from the pumped media. Easily adjusted, the replaceable wear plate assures maximum pumping performance.
  • SEMI-VORTEX IMPELLER - Designed to handle abrasive solids and slurry with minimum wear.
  • NI-HARD CAST IRON VOLUTE - Made from an abrasive resistant special alloy that protects against premature wear for maximum performance and extended pump life.

SKR pumps incorporate proven engineering design to assure long, reliable pump life:

  • CLASS H MOTOR INSULATION - Thermal and overload protection with 1.15 service factor and a 4-pole motor for increased life.
  • DOUBLE MECHANICAL SEALS - With silicon carbide faces running in a separate oil-filled seal housing.
  • 410 STAINLESS STEEL ROTOR AND SHAFT SLEEVE - Protects against shaft wear from abrasive media.
  • COOLING JACKET - SKR pumps discharge through the top as cool liquid passes by the motor housing. This prevents the motor from overheating and allows liquid to be pumped down close to the bottom of the sump.
  • HEAVY DUTY, 5-CONDUCTOR CABLE (50' STANDARD) - MSHA approved, GGC cable (10/5 or 6/3) withstands the toughest conditions. Epoxy potted cable entry prevents wicking while a heavy chain and strain relief clamp offer additional cable protection.