High Accuracy Video Measurement Systems

Product Announcement from Starrett

High Accuracy Video Measurement Systems-Image

This multi-sensor metrology instrument has increased accuracy to verify critical dimensions. The AV463, AV713, AV963 and AV1273 are ideal for use in QC labs, research, engineering or manufacturing environments. Available with optional Renishaw contact probe and laser scanner, these systems can be configured to meet a variety of measurement needs.


• Transports are driven by sophisticated, no maintenance, balanced linear motors which are close-looped to precision scales in all three axes

• Adjustable ergonomic workstation including a compact control panel and standard keyboard maximizes operator performance

• Massive granite base, bridge and bearing ways for superior machine stability

• 22" Flat panel LCD video display

• Metronics QC-5000 metrology software standard

System Specifications

Accuracy: ( • X-Y) E2=1.5+5L/1000 (Z) E1=1.5+5L/1000

• Encoder Resolution: 0.1 μm (4μin)

• Video Camera: Color 1/2" CCD

• Optics: Navitar® 6.5:1 ratio zoom: (1.0x lens standard)

• Environment: 20 ± 0.5°C (67°-69°F) temperature range. 0.25°C (0.5°F)/hr maximum rate of change. 30%-80% RH non-condensing

• Utilities: 115/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 1.0 kW. 85 L/m (3 CFM) dry air at 7 to 8.25 bar (100-120 PSI)