SR100 Surface Roughness Tester

Product Announcement from Starrett

SR100 Surface Roughness Tester-Image

Separates into Two Pieces

The innovative SR100 separates into two pieces to measure surface roughness. The bottom half of the SR100 contains the traverse mechanism and stylus pickup assembly which is placed on the surface to be measured. Its wide base ensures stability. The upper half includes a large LCD display, start button, mode and parameter buttons, comfortably hand-held for easy operation and clear viewing.

How it Works

A diamond stylus is drawn across the part. The motorized traverse mechanism is cam driven to ensure that the correct horizontal distance is traveled. Vertical movement of the stylus as it travels across peaks and valleys is detected by a piezo-electric pickup which converts the mechanical movement of the stylus into an electric signal. The electrical signal is digitized and sent to a microprocessor where the parameters are calculated using standardized algorithms.


• Large LCD window

• Measures Ra at the touch of a button

• In addition to basic roughness parameters Ra and Rz, also measures advanced Rp, Rv and Rt parameters

• Five second cycle time

• Result saved until the next measurement is taken

• Switches between inch and metric mode without remeasuring

• Use right out of the box - little or no operator training required

• Automatic shut-off after five minutes of inactivity

• Configured with the most common industrial settings to ensure correlation between multiple operators (see specifications)

• Simple and reliable calibration routine

• Uses standard off-the-shelf calculator type batteries with a minimum life of 5,000 measurements

• Includes SR100 two-piece assembly, calibration standard, batteries, operation guide and a carrying case

Check our website for technical specifications