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Packaging Engineering

Service Detail from Stephen Gould Corporation

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Advanced Equipment Enhances Design and Engineering Services

Stephen Gould is the largest privately owned packaging sales organization in the United States with facilities in 40 strategic locations throughout the world. Our operation includes fully equipped graphics and mechanical engineering departments that provide CAD functions and documentation, as well as package-testing facilities and transit laboratories that support NSTA- and ISTA-certified programs.

To best serve our customers, Stephen Gould has invested more than $250,000 in equipment and technology to create multidimensional samples of package design on platforms desired by product designers. Utilizing these in-house resources, we are able to quickly and cost-effectivly transform electronic images of container construction and product placement into actual prototypes for client examination.

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes:

• Kongsberg and Mimaki CAD cutting and folding tables which provide the capability to make fast, high-quality samples of folding cartons, blister cards, SBS inserts, and more.

• 3D SLA printer which produces three-dimensional, high-definition plastic molds with speed and accuracy.

• Vacuum former which shapes a plastic mold into an actual part providing the client with a working prototype.

• Epson Stylus Pro 53-inch color printer which prints large-format graphics that can be laminated onto any part to produce a complete and accurate prototype.

•Lansmont drop test lab with tri-axial accelerometer which provides precise, repeatable drop tests to determine the ability of a package to withstand the rigors of different handling experiences.

Our in-house equipment and services offers significant benefits:

  • Clients get to see complete and accurate prototypes of package designs, including artwork, before they go into production.
  • Quick prototype turnaround saves clients tremendous time in bringing products to market.
  • Utilizing in-house services rather than outside suppliers saves clients money.
  • The flexibility of our equipment can easily provide clients with multiple design choices.
  • Design flaws can be identified and corrected early in the process.
  • In-house drop testing provides considerable savings of time and money compared to outside testing, and clients can visit the lab to witness the tests. Stephen Gould's ever-expanding customized packaging and designs range from presentation kits and multiple-use cases to computer software and aerospace equipment. We also produce posters, banners, trade-show presentations, and point-of-purchase displays that add exciting enhancement to client merchandising campaigns.