Posi-Drive Belts & Sprockets With No-Slip Design

Product Announcement from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

Hicksville, NY -- Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument provides single and double core posi-drive belts and sprockets for applications that require accurate positioning. The no-slip design offers several distinct advantages. No flanges are required, which saves space, and also prevents the trapping of air between the belt and the flanges, creating a much quieter operation. The system also operates with no backlash, which is essential for applications that require no lost motion. 3D printers can benefit from this advantage, since more precise positioning will result in better quality parts.

Yet another advantage of the posi-drive system is that the single core belts and sprockets can be used in applications where the shafts are oriented at an angle with one another. The central core, made of either aramid fiber or stainless steel, can twist in such a way that the pins still stay in perfect mesh with the sprocket. This allows the shafts on either sprocket to be oriented at a full 90 degree angle without sacrificing belt performance.

The belts are made of molded polyurethane, and require no lubrication. They have excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, making them suitable for medical and food processing applications. They are sold either by pin count or by the foot up to 100 feet.

SDP/SI is a leading manufacturer of small mechanical components, servicing a wide variety of aerospace, medical and commercial industries for over 50 years. 

SDP/SI - Stock Drive Products offers both inch and metric small off-the-shelf mechanical components for the design engineer. Thousands of stock components, in a wide variety of sizes can easily be located and purchased in one convenient place. The engineer not only meets all his component requirements, but saves valuable time by not having to search other sources. SDP/SI is your one-stop source for small mechanical components. Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument consistently provides high quality precision gears and gear assemblies in quantities for prototype to OEM’s. We make what others can’t.

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