Precision High-Quality Medical Components

Product Announcement from Stock Drive Products & Sterling Instrument - SDP/SI

At SDP/SI, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best quality products for your application. Medical equipment in particular demands that all components meet strict requirements in order for it to operate safely and correctly.

Whether it’s is high precision or complex geometry that are required, we have an impressive array of advanced machining centers to do it all. We meet dimensional tolerances as small as .0001”, and our 5-axis CNC milling machine produces intricate parts that other machines simply cannot.

Additionally, we meet RoHS compliance, and our Class 10000 clean room ensures that parts are free of any contamination. Maintaining these high standards is very important to us, because we realize that the quality of our work affects not only our clients, but every person affected by the use of our parts.

Medical equipment is subject to rigorous standards. SDP/SI manufactures high-quality, precision standard and custom components for:

  • pumps
  • renal care
  • OEM hospital equipment
  • laboratory diagnostic and automation systems

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