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Shaft Collars With Patented Fairloc® Fastener-Image

Shaft Collars From Sterling Instrument
Featuring The Integral Fairloc® Fastener

Shaft collars manufactured by Sterling Instrument (An ISO 9001+AS9100 Registered Manufacturer) incorporate a built-in bearing shim spacer and feature the Fairloc® integral hub fastener. These collars, identified as the S25FB9 [inch] [metric] (Brass) and S25FY9 [inch] [metric] Series (303 Stainless Steel), are stocked for immediate delivery in both inch and metric sizes. They are designed to fit shafts that are .12" to 3/4" (3 to 20 mm) in diameter. Their O.D's range from .433" to 1.496" (11 to 38 mm) in diameter.

Fairloc® is a patented integral hub fastener which eliminates marred shafts. The choice of Fairloc® hubs permits frequent phase adjustment, timing and position adjustment while adding positive metal-to-metal fastening strength along both hub sections. The Fairloc® integral hub fastener consists of two slots that are machined into the hub, one radially the other angularly, to create a transverse wedge which remains attached to the solid portion of the hub on one side. The resultant cantilevered clamping section has a tapped hole to accept a cap screw which passes through a clearance hole in the solid portion of the hub, and into a threaded hole in the transverse wedge section. As the screw is tightened, the cantilevered section clamps the shaft securely. The screw can be tightened and released repeatedly without marring the shaft or affecting its torque-transmitting abilities.

Detailed specifications are contained in SDP/SI Catalogs D805 (metric) and D810 (inch) available free upon request from Sterling Instrument.

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