Low Profile Flow-Thru Separator

Product Announcement from SWECO, A Business Unit of M-I L.L.C.

Low Profile Flow-Thru Separator-Image

The Sweco Low Profile Flow-Thru Separator (LPFT) allows for high capacity wet or dry scalping in a compact, low headroom design. Dual motors mounted on opposite sides of the LPFT allow unrestricted flow of material and create the 3-D motion that allows oversize material full discharge, keeping the screen clear for maximum product flow. Its low headroom requirements (as little as 15 inches) and straight flow design, allow the LPFT to fit easily into existing product lines without reworking the entire system.

For separating oversize particles from a material that flows easily through a screen, a single-motor low-profile separator is a good choice. However, if you need to remove oversize particles from a material with difficult flow characteristics, a dual-motor separator can provide higher capacity. The dual-motor machine's three-dimensional vibratory motion not only speeds separation of hard-to-screen materials, but this separator can have a smaller screen diameter than a single-motor unit. The smaller diameter can save floor space in your plant and make replacement screens cheaper over the separator's service life. Any screen deblinding device, including inexpensive screen cleaners, will work with the unit. The dual-motor separator also has a smaller motor size than a single-motor unit. These factors reduce the dual-motor separator's capital and operating costs, in many cases making this separator separator the lowest-cost option for achieving higher screening capacity.