Product Announcement from Knowles Capacitors

High voltage capacitors Smaller package available-Image

Leading European capacitor manufacturer, Syfer Technology, has succeeded in developing a new range of high voltage capacitors in smaller packages to help product designers meet ever-tightening constraints for increased performance in a reduced form factor.

Syfer's range of 4kV - 6kV rated capacitors are available in 1808, 1812, 2220 and 2225 case sizes. Until now the minimum case size required to accommodate 4kV capacitors has been the larger and more costly 3640. The innovative design of the new range has been engineered to reduce arcing across the surface of the capacitor, although conformal coating by the user is required to ensure the rated voltage can be applied.

To limit the possibility of mechanical cracking and enhance reliability, the successful Syfer FlexiCap™ termination is applied across the full range as standard.

The range will particularly suit applications in the communications, telecoms, industrial and military markets. Specific applications include inverters and backlighting circuits for liquid crystal displays.

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