GEL Tape & GEL Chip

Product Announcement from TAICA Corporation (formerly Geltec Co., Ltd.)

GEL Tape & GEL Chip-Image

Alpha GEL Tape and Chip.

thickness 1-10mm

Alpha GEL's softness and high performance have often helped to protect from shock and vibration, senstive devices in electronics such as hard disc.

1) Alpha GEL tape/chip

* Simply cut (tape) or remove (chip) from the liner with adhesive one one side.
* Wide selection to choose from based on width and thickness.
* Very easy and effective solution for shock absorption and vibration damping
where no space is allowed for insulators or bushes.
* Wide temperature range from -40C (104F) to 100C (212F).
* Low compression set. High weather and chemical resistance. Performance stays long.
*Adoption example are HDD, SSD, Defense field, gyroscope, camera..