Magnet GEL "Alpha GEL series"

Product Announcement from TAICA Corporation (formerly Geltec Co., Ltd.)

Magnet GEL "Alpha GEL series"-Image

Probably the world's first GEL magnet, very soft like a gummi bear candy, has been lately released to solicit applications or partners since we are more than just a material developer by nature, offering soft products tailored to meet with partners' needs. Once again, thank you for your interest in the exciting magnet GEL. We look forward to communicating with you soon. 1. Sample: We only have 1 (one) kind available and no other shapes will be available until mutual consensus is reached. For now, any other shapes of samples will be produced through injection molding, which is costly, and we are investigating if there is an economical way for potential customers. Technical details of the currently available sample are listed below. 2. Custom mass-production conditions: Hardness, size, shape, and magnetic strength and direction are customizable, but not color (black). Injection molding will be used for the custom mass-production. 3. Inquiry: Please provide information to the following questions by inquiry form.
(A) Why are you looking for a soft magnet?
(B) Application in mind
(C) If it is customized to suit your purpose, what are the requirements you know now?
(D) What is an annual expected volume of the custom magnet GEL? 1) Physical characteristics 1. PE (Polyethylene) magnet GEL
2. Surface Magnetic Flux Density: 60 mT (= 600 Gauss) where 1 mT (mili Tesla) = 10 G.
3. Hardness: 40 (1/10 mm) in needle penetration method
4. Specific weight: 2.5
5. Operating temperature: -10°to 60℃ /10°to 140℉ 2) Sample attributes 1. Shape: diameter 20 mm x thickness 10 mm
2. Weight: 7.2 g
3. Magnetism (N/S) was provided in the cylinder direction.