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Taica Brand : Alpha GEL series

Product Announcement from TAICA Corporation (formerly Geltec Co., Ltd.)

Taica Brand : Alpha GEL series-Image

[Alpha GEL]
-Excellent Cushioning and Vibration Damping Performance.
-Superior Durability.
-Stable Performance Even In a Harsh Environment.
-Extremely High Safety.
-Outstanding Platform for Additional Functions and Enhanced Performance.

*Successful and Possibility Application of Alpha GEL.
-Sport shoes (asics) / Watch (G-shock) / Pen Grip (Mitsubishi) / Radio / PC / Mobile Phone
Semiconductor device / Optical transceiver / Automobile / Hybrid car / Mobile Game
Digital Camera / Router / Home electronics appliance / etc…

[Opt Alpha Gel]
"Excellent Transmittance", "Excellent Durability", "Excellent Softness".

*Opt Alpha Gel is applied in between Touch Panel and LCD, or Protective Panel.
( PMMA, Glass, etc.)
-Improvement in visibility. (prevention of reflection of sunshine)
-Improvement in luminance. (about 9%)
-Improvement in shock absorption. (prevention of LCD/Touch Panel shattering)
-Its removability enables to rework on the panels.

*Successful and Possibility Application of Opt Alpha GEL.
-Touch Panel / POS devise / Tablet PC / Mobile PC / Digital photo frame / etc..

[Lambda GEL]
*Characteristic performance.
-High softness & high thermal conductivity. (6.5 W/mK)
-Wide temperature range. (From -40 to 150 degree C)
-Good handling. (Non tacky type)

*Successful Application of COH- series.
-LED for TV / Lightning, Mobile / Touch panel PC, Watch (G-shock), Semiconductor device, Optical transceiver, Automobile / Hybrid car, Mobile phone, Mobile Game, Digital Camera, Router, e.t.c…

we, Taica are R&D oriented company, therefore we can offer any solution to you.
If you have any problem in your mind, please feel free to contact us.

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