Vibration Damper - Alpha GEL

Product Announcement from TAICA Corporation (formerly Geltec Co., Ltd.)

Vibration Damper - Alpha GEL-Image

Alpha GEL's vibration dampers effectively dampen micro-vibrations or light load vibrations in particular, not eliminated by conventional dampers such as rubber. They also excel in long-term sustainability, safety, and operability under severe environmental conditions.


Applicable for Light Load -

Taica designs softness and ensures enough deformation even with light load for damping vibrations.

Wide Frequency Range -

Taica has over decades of experiences and expertise in vibrations isolation. A list of isolators has grown to cover a wide frequency range and load requirements.

Long-term Stability and Durability -

Excellent in resistance to ozone, UV, chemicals, Alpha GEL could be used under almost any environment. Very low compression set ensures a stable and durable condition over the long haul.

Wide Operating Temperature Range -

Alpha GEL's properties show little charge in the -40℃(-40℉) to 200℃(392℉) range, providing stable performance.
*Operating temperature range for GEL Tape / GEL Chip is -40℃(-40℉) to 100℃(212℉)

Vibration Damper Lineup: