Vibration isolaters/bushes - silicone gel

Product Announcement from TAICA Corporation (formerly Geltec Co., Ltd.)

Vibration isolaters/bushes - silicone gel -Image

High Performance Vibration Dampers

Taica Corp's vibration dampers effectively damp micro-vibrations or light load vibrations in particular, not eliminated by conventional damplers such as rubber. They also excel in long-term sustainability, safety, and operability under severe environment. These are all engineered by Alpha Gel ® with fine-tuned softness and outstanding, stable, physical characteristics.

Dampen Light Load or Micro Vibrations

Taica designs softness and ensures enough deformation for dampening subject vibrations even if it is very lightweight. Light load or micro vibrations are eliminated effectively.

Wide Frequency Range

Taica has over decades of experiences and expertise in vibrations isolation. Alpha Gel isolators are unique and distinctive especially for tiny-to-light load or microvibrations, which means that Alpha Gel isolators ® work for vibrations in wider range frequency than regular dampers.

Excellent Durability

Alpha Gel ® is excellent in ozone, UV or chemical resistance. Usable anywhere. Very low compression set ensures stable use in long term.

Outstanding Temperature Characteristics

Alpha Gel ® stays in performance from -40 degree Celsius up to 200 degree Celsius.

Shock Absorption

Alpha Gel ® also performs remarkably in shock absorption.