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Tank Roof Repair - An alternative solution to a common problem. Storage tanks provide capacity to terminals, refineries and chemical plants. Shutting down operations on a storage tank can negatively impact plant operations and productivity. TEAM'S Leak Repair Service provides an effective and cost-effective solution which doesn't require taking the tank out of service.

Multiple Environments, One Solution

TEAM Industrial Services is GLOBAL in operations for engineered solutions and sealants; TEAM'S expertise addresses a wide range of tank roof and shell repair situations. Suitable for most refinery products. Our repair technique combines an engineered-technically developed product with mechanical strength suitable for the application. The repairs can be completed to cone roof tanks or to EFR tanks with the roof floating in-service or landed in-service.

  • Leak Repair Specialists from TEAM have been technically trained with composite systems and advanced leak repair methods.
  • TEAM performs a full risk assessment and provides an engineered procedure, application guidelines, and safety plan prior to beginning repair to EFR or Cone Roof Tanks.
  • The TEAM leak repair method offers a quick, safe, and intelligent alternative to taking the tank out of service, stripping and degassing.
  • Once the repair is complete, operations may continue.

TEAM'S Tank Roof leak repair addresses the following items:

  • Cracked welds on roof deck sheets or lap patches
  • Pontoon leaks
  • Isolated pitting due to corrosion /holes on roof deck sheets
  • Roof deck leg sleeves
  • Thru wall corrosion on upper shell course at wind girder

External floating roof and cone roof repairs have been completed containing the following products:

  • Crude oil
  • Virgin Slop
  • Refined Slop
  • Mogas
  • Light Cat Naphtha
  • Heavy Cat Naphtha
  • Atmospheric Cracked Naphtha
  • Process Gas Oil
  • JP-5
  • Benzene
  • Heptane
  • Hexane
  • Sour water
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