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WISER Telemetry System

Product Announcement from TECAT Performance Systems

WISER Telemetry System-Image

WISER Telemetry System

TECAT Model 2000 - Torque and Atmospheric Conditions Sensor System

The TECAT Model 2000 (WISER) torque and atmospheric conditions sensor system is low-cost, ultra-low power and extremely accurate. The wireless WISER system in addition to its market leading torque sensing capabilities also has the optional ability to measure 3-axis acceleration, barometric pressure, ambient temperature, and load cells all within the same incredibly small footprint as the standard unit.

The Model 2000 includes a USB base unit which allows the user to easily configure the system and view live digital data streaming with the easy-to-use "WISER Data Viewer" software. The base also has up to two configurable analog output channels for simple integration into existing DAQ hardware.

Key Features

  • Smallest Transmitter: 45mm x 23mm x 6mm
  • Most Accurate: +/- 0.025% of full scale typical
  • Longest Battery Life: ~70 hours test time at 1kHz w/std. battery
  • Communication Range: 30m (100ft), line of sight
  • Adjustable Data Rates: 250Hz-2kHz
  • Adjustable Digital Gain: 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X
  • Adjustable Analogue Gain: 1X, 2X, 10X, 200X
  • Adjustable Digital Offset
  • Optional Onboard 3-Axis Accelerometer (16g or 400g range)
  • Optional Onboard Atmospheric Temp/Pressure Sensor


  • Torque testing on rotating shafts in confined spaces
  • Torque testing on half shafts, drive shafts, and prop shafts
  • Torsional vibration testing
  • Steering column testing
  • Predictive Maintenance
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