PA-02 Package Port System

Product Announcement from TM Electronics, Inc.

PA-02 Package Port System-Image

For use with the TM Electronics BT-1000 Automated Package Tester and Fixtures, the TME Package-Port© system allows consistent penetration of flexible packages for seal strength and leak integrity testing. The flexible Package Port is attached to the package using a double-sided adhesive disk to create a leak tight path between the package and the port. This allows the operator to simply and repeatably insert the test probe into the package for restrained and unrestrained package testing.

  • Applications in medical, food and pharmaceutical package testing
  • Low cost and dependable, easy to use, decreases package testing time
  • Increases the reliability of the results and brings real time test data to the production line
  • Complies with ISO-11607 standards and ASTM test methods