Product Announcement from TÜV Rheinland

Specialized Services for the Wind Power Industry-Image

Your first impression when you look at a wind energy system can be deceiving. How complicated can a tower with a rotor blade be? However, exposure to weather conditions and extreme natural forces calls for complex technical solutions. Combined with the high demands and usage requirements from not only utility companies and end users, but investors as well, addressing safety and quality assurance needs are required.

Services Include:

• Materials testing

• Welder and welding

procedures qualification

• Testing at fabrication and

on-site locations

• Structural base inspection of

concrete and anchor bolts

• Non-destructive testing methods

and QA/QC services

• High strength bolt inspections

• Examination of individual castings

and forgings used in gear boxes and

turbines utilizing ultrasonic and

digital radiography NDT methods

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