High Precision TCXOs for Small Cell Applications

Product Announcement from Taitien Electronics Co., Ltd.

High Precision TCXOs for Small Cell Applications-Image

Specifically developed for tight frequency stability and minimal form factor required for applications such as the small cell base stations, Taitien’s TW series, with a small footprint at 5x3.2mm, provide cost-effective solutions for system clocks as well as flexibility in hardware design in small cell devices. With proprietary testing capability, Taitien is able to perform 100% precision temperature and holdover testing on TCXO products to ensure the performances meeting the demanding requirements for small cell base stations. Taitien’s TW TCXOs can achieve 0.1ppm or better for the 24-hr frequency drift required for many of the small cell applications. For small cell applications requiring exceptional phase noise performance, Taitien TT series TCXOs, with best-in-class frequency stability and capability of achieving -145dBc/Hz @1kHz offset, offer cost-effective alternatives to OCXOs.