Consumable Syringes, Barrels, Needles, and Tips

Product Announcement from Techcon Systems, Inc.

Consumable Syringes, Barrels, Needles, and Tips-Image

Dispensing Syringe Barrels

Techcon System's 700 System Premier Dispensing components are silicone and chloride free and ensure accuracy, repeatability and productivity.

Dispensing Needles

Techcon offers a comprehensive range of dispensing needles. Specialty tips include the TS-SS Stainless Steel tips and TT Tapered Tips. All tips are available in industry-standard colors.

Stainless Steel Threaded Needles

Stainless-steel cannula with a double helix Polypropylene hub.

Bent Threaded Needles

Precision bent at 45° and 90° angles.

Needle Dispensing Kit

Contains a variety of Techcon System's most popular 700 Series Needles.

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